I think he’s woken us up. And just in time.

Brian May on Adam Lambert x

It’s a great place to be; I feel so fortunate to be going out there. I never thought it would happen again. When Freddie went, I thought: ‘That’s it. We did that. It was a great life. Now, it’s time to have a different life.’ And for years, we didn’t try to be Queen in any way. I would look at the Forum in L.A., and I would look at Madison Square Garden, and I would think: ‘Those were the days.’ To come back now, all of these years later, and to fill those places and to hear that noise. That’s vindication for the fact that we should be playing, we should be out there. I feel overcome with it, really.

Brian May x
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Everybody goes off to their separate homes. (To Me) it’s a very soul-destroying time. I get something written and then I listen to it the next day and I throw it away. The others usually never get to hear them. Anyway, then we all get together for about two weeks and pool the material we have- play around with it, pull it to pieces, change bits, throw some out.

Freddie Mercury talking to Harry Doherty of Melody Maker

It’s more extreme. It’s varied, but it goes further in its various directions. It has a couple of the heaviest things we’ve ever done and probably some of the lightest things as well.

Brian May on A Night at the Opera, quoted by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 9/27/75

When I’m in New York, I just slut myself. It is Sin City with a capital S.

Freddie Mercury 

Recording Jazz and those albums we did in Munich, The Game and The Works, we got very angry with each other. I left the group a couple of times just for the day, you know. I’m off and I’m not coming back! We’ve all done that. You end up quibbling over one note.

Brian May quoted by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, 3/91

I just don’t understand that king of criticism…. I don’t like to see sloppy musicians or even sloppy shows, they don’t entertain me.

Roger Taylor on some reviews about Queen, who were calling them “too slick” or “too good” [Queen: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown kings of Rock]

It destroys the soul to hear that you’re all hype, that you have no talent, and that your whole career has been contrived.

Freddie Mercury talking to Don Rush of Circus